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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Bali

Why You Should Travel To Bali

I have been to many places around Asia but there are only few destinations that cover all the desirable aspects of having a great holiday and I can say that Bali is one of those. Many people say that Bali is overrated, too touristy and not worth to visit. Well I guess it all depends on how you would enjoy this place as it has a lot to offer. Things To Do In Bali and Why You Should Travel There…

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Quietly Beautiful Island of Ishigaki, Japan

Ishigaki Japan

Another great day of being a Seafarer! I had the chance to explore the beautiful island of Ishigaki. This island is located in the  Okinawa Prefecture in Japan which is much closer to Taiwan archipelago rather than Japan’s capital of Tokyo. This city is really a great place to relax. The ambiance is calm, the traffic is light and the people are friendly. As a Cruise Director onboard a cruise ship, I have the privilege to wander around places as I…

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Want to Travel The World?

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