How To Transfer From Kalibo Airport To Boracay

How to transfer from kalibo airport to boracay

Getting in to Kalibo International Airport Kalibo International Airport in the province of Aklan is the most preferred hub of those Thalassophile traveling to Boracay Island making it the busiest airport in Western Visayas. As of today, Kalibo Airport services several domestic and international destinations. Air Asia flies to and from Kuala Lumpur. Cebu […]

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5 Most Boring Places In South Australia

5 Most Boring Places in South Australia

When we hear someone says that one place is boring, we labeled it right away as uninteresting and definitely a must avoid destination. But sometimes, a city slicker and urbanite like me needs a break and taste the tranquility of those boring places away from traffic jam, pollution and crowd. For me, what makes a […]

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